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Protecting your privacy and confidential health information is very important. SAIL maintains policies and practices that protect the privacy and confidentiality of those persons we serve, their families, and those involved in their treatment.

Policies and standard practices are governed by the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, as amended, and strengthened by the laws of New York State.

SAIL provides each person with a Notice of Privacy Practices upon admission. Our Compliance Department monitors, assesses, and makes any changes that need to be made due to revisions or additions to the law.

We also provide training for every staff member on a yearly basis and additional as needed which helps to enforce our commitment to protect your vital information.

For your information, we have attached information that may be useful. Below is a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices and Agency Compliance Plan. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this. 

              Notice of Privacy Practices         
              Compliance Plan
              Compliance with Deficit Reduction Act
              Code of Conduct

If you have any questions about your rights or how we protect your privacy, please contact the SAIL Privacy Officer.
For additional HIPAA Regulations, you may visit the U.S. Office of Civil Rights section by clicking on this link.
Identifiable information includes items such as Date of Birth, Social Security Numbers.

In emergency circumstances, information may be shared amongst providers for the proper treatment and care of an individual.

Protected Health Information includes but is not limited to test results, medical histories, assessments, and more.

SAIL uses several layers of protection in order to secure your information such as encryption, backup data, secure server storage, password protection, and more!

Protecting your Privacy
Judith A. Doria, Compliance Officer, CHC
[email protected]

SAIL is dedicated to preventing fraud, abuse, and waste amongst its Medicaid billable programs as well as providing safe, efficient, and appropriate services to the consumer. Agency ethical practices, quality of care issues, training, privacy, and quality of services are monitored by this team of qualified individuals.

A successful compliance program requires the commitment of everyone at SAIL. Program oversight, leadership and guidance are attained through the support of several committees and individuals as well as through departmental management across the agency. To view a copy of our program, click here!

Some of the responsibilities and actions of this department include:

*Overseeing and monitoring the implementation of the Compliance Program; Periodically revising the Compliance Program as required by changes in the law and policies and procedures of government and payor health plans; 

*Reporting on a regular basis to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director and Management Staff on the progress of implementation of policies which affect the efficiency and quality of services;

*After consultation with legal counsel, investigating and acting on matters related to compliance, including the flexibility to design and coordinate internal investigations (e.g., responding to reports of problems or suspected violations) and any resulting corrective action within any/all departments, staff members, and programs.

*Assure consumer satisfaction by providing consistent activities throughout the year;

*Ensure quality of services to the consumers by auditing of program, charts, and staff;

*Insitituing policies and procedural changes to better the agency and conform to current law and regulations;

*Taking the lead in the certification process for programs at SAIL that are licensed and/or certified by the State Office of Mental Health.
Quality Management  Coordinator: 
Melissa Erkins, MA
[email protected]

Quality Management Coordinator:
Brittany Gilligan
[email protected]